“I am in them and You in me,”
The Lord thus spoke the mystery
And gave perfected unity,
So that with him we all may be.

In Jesus Christ we somehow share
The glory of which he is sole heir.
Such depths of grace we cannot know;
Lord, lead us there; this blessing show.

Of this request you made in prayer,
Lord, make our hardened souls aware.
Our hearts are slow, our feelings cold,
We wish this union to behold.

The Father always loved the Son,
And sent this Christ with whom He’s one.
“When with us,” Jesus said, “They’ll see
The glory you have given Me.”

In you, Lord, all our hopes are bound–
In you eternal pleasure found!
We dimly know this glory here
But wish our view to be more clear.
Please let us know you more and more,
Our minds awaken to explore
The glory which we all now share
And soon will see unveiled There.