Scott Aniol received a donation to his website last year and, instead of buying his long desired Ipod, decided to use it to start an internet radio station, Religious Affections Radio.

I am very happy that Scott has started this station. I have wanted to do something like this for quite some time, so I asked him if I could help, and I was able to help him get the station going.

The station is nothing elaborate–simply streaming music. All of it is religious, and varies from J. S. Bach to King’s College Choir to Soundforth (I really gave Scott a hard time about putting “BJ stuff” on the station, and tried everything I could to persuade him otherwise). The station is run through Live365, which means that you will either have to subscribe to what they call their “VIP membership,” or put up with really annoying commercials. The advantage to membership is that you will then have access to all the Live365 stations without commercials. The disadvantage is that it costs some money.

We have been pretty picky with most of the music selected for this station. The most “edgy” we get is some John Rutter and the most corny we get is some Soundforth, though all of the selections from both of these sources were made critically. Unfortunately, we do not have much sacred music sung in foreign languages, which eliminates much of the greatest sacred music written for the Western church.

Nevertheless, I have been listening quite a bit to the new station, and enjoy it a great deal. For someone who listens regularly to Internet audio, this station will be a welcome respite. Serious sacred music was very hard to find in this format with very poor offerings available. If you enjoy the station, I would encourage your donating to it. I know that this will not be free for Scott to operate, and the station’s existence may very well depend on small donations from its few listeners.