Do you find the Bible boring? Perhaps you would be like the Bible if a movie came along with it? Then look no further than Christianity Today’s subsidiary This noble company offers “dozens of ready-to-download, ready-to-use Bible studies on topics as relevant as today’s headlines. From Islam to genetics, politics to spiritual growth, you’ll find plenty of studies that will catch your interest.” Best of all, their Bible studies “facilitate lively discussions and interaction.” In other words, if you find something else more exciting than the Bible, perhaps you can appease the guilt you feel for neglecting the good book by getting the Bible in with that other thing you enjoy more! It’s the best of both worlds! Who doesn’t like to say that they’re part of a Bible study? What’s more pious than that? Can somebody shout “Glory”?!

But that is not all (this is where it gets really good). Not only can get your Bible slipped in with all sorts of other, more interesting topics, but one of those more interesting topics can be movies! They offer Bible studies that go hand in hand for teen movies (like “The Matrix” or “Napolean Dynamite”), family movies (like “Cheaper by the Dozen” and “Elf”), and, of course, for your more sophisticated Bible studies, for adult movies, too. They offer many selections, including “Spiderman” (1 and 2), “the Notebook,” “Saving Private Ryan.”

I could tell just by looking at this site that their best offering must be the Bible study that goes along with “Bruce Almighty,” a noted pious “comedy that illustrates the power, presence, and goodness of God.” Yes, I am sure that you thought that this flick starring the ever-so reverent Jim Carrey would make a pure mockery out of God. Not so, my fine Christian friend. First, this is obvious because it stars Morgan Freeman as God, and Morgan Freeman is not a homosexual (Jim Carrey becomes “God” for a bit, and I guess he doesn’t like it or something). But, more importantly, now you can redeem this movie to be used in a Bible study that tackles such thorny issues as God’s “injustice,” “communication with God” (some Christians call that “prayer”), “God’s active presence in our lives” (some theologians call that “process theology”), and “God’s goodness” (that’s where God lets you sin all you want). And you get to talk about all that while watching “Bruce Almighty”! Download this little gem of a “Bible study guide” and you can make up to 1,000 copies for your church! That’s nearly enough for Sunday morning! Be careful about some of the young people in attendance (heh, heh, they will all be in children’s church watching their Bible study based on “Mary Poppins”), “Bruce Almighty” is rated PG-13 (but only for language, sexual content, and some crude humor).