Evidently Greg Clifford, chief operating officer for Every Tribe Entertainment, and Neela Banerjee, New York Times Reporter, need to take a course in remedial reading. I wonder what it will be like when their eyes are opened up to the vast and wonderful world of satire. What a universe of pleasure and reading delight they are missing! Their understanding of Kevin Bauder’s remarks, as reported in the NYT, is woefully inaccurate.

I really do not expect the press to read and report on someone’s statements as a student of the humanities would; that would be adding in complexity and subtlety, which does not work well in mass media.

But I am outraged that Clifford would inform the Times of Bauder’s article and his “reporting it to the F.B.I.” (as it appears that is exactly what he did in the article). This is somewhat akin to one Christian recommending to Nero another believer who he thinks would burn well in the emperor’s garden.


HT: Ben Wright