Forgive me for posting what may be old news to most of you, but I just stumbled across the “True Images Bible” in a WorldNetDaily article and found it unbelievable. The article begins, “A Bible created especially for girls age 13-16 that includes profiles of fictional teenagers discussing oral sex, lesbianism and “dream” guys is drawing sharp criticism from some Christian parents who say such material should not appear alongside Scripture.” Although I would probably not express my concerns along these exact lines, I found the article describing this “Bible” incredible. Here are a couple paragraphs from the article:

“In putting ‘True Images’ together, our guiding principle was to be as edgy as the Bible is and no more,” Cameron Conant, Zondervan’s public relations manager for Bibles, told WorldNetDaily. “We’ve forgotten that the Bible is filled with sex and violence, and God’s redemptive role in the lives of sinful people. The Bible itself is a pretty provocative book.”

Zondervan worked with the Livingstone Corporation, a Bible content developer that has worked on many study Bibles, to put together the publication. Conant explained that Livingstone did extensive research on 13 to 16-year-old girls to identify the main issues of concern to them.

“Again and again and again, the issues that repeatedly came up were a lot of issues related to sex,” he said. “Today’s teens are just bombarded with … highly suggestive, highly sexual media messages every day.”

If anyone can tell me how Christianity has sunk to these levels, I would really appreciate it.