The name of the book says it all: Entertainment Evangelism. But let us allow the publisher to expand on why you should purchase this volume filled with deep spiritual substance; consider this bit taken from the front flap:

“We have the most important, the most exciting, and the most revolutionary news in all of human history. So we must find the most creative, the most innovative, and the most irresistible ways to attract the attention of pre-Christian persons. When we become committed to this apostolic task, then persons will line up to see, hear, and experience the good news that we are compelled to proclaim.

“Walt Kallestad came to this conclusion as he passed by the long lines of persons outside movie theaters and concert halls. Then he began to design and develop a ministry within a congregation that would surpass the excitement, the passion, the energy, and the joy offered by a world that is saturated with media and entertainment products such as films, books, television, CDs, sports, and theme parks.”

Good thing we fundamentalists don’t do anything like this.

You may purchase this classic of western spirituality here.