A conservative and a liberal minister had been hotly at odds for several years over the doctrine of inerrancy, particularly in the area of scientific and historical matters. One afternoon, the conservative minister stopped by the office of the liberal minister and asked to see him.

“Sir, I have an apology to make,” said the conservative.


“Yes. I have been wrong. All these years I have been condemning your stance against inerrancy as heterodox. I have finally awakened to the fact that I was terribly sinful.”

“What’s that?” asked the liberal.

The conservative answered, “Well, I tried to find a chapter and verse that said the Scriptures were inerrant at all, let alone with regard to where it addresses historical and scientific matters. I couldn’t find one. If there is no verse, then I was merely preaching opinions.”

“So you finally saw the light that your extra-Biblical doctrines cannot be as authoritative as the Bible itself?” the liberal asked.

The conservative looked up in sorrow. “Essentially, yes. And it was wrong for me to make this extra-Biblical doctrine so important that it dissolved the unity we could have had together. Will you ever forgive me?”