“Christ ordained that the human heralds of his truth, since they would not be infallible, should preach under strict responsibility to his church. But the lay-preacher, especially the one who merges his own denominational connection in catholic labors, in under no responsibility to the church. She has no check on his motions. We must add that the concession of the preacher’s preparation. Christ has declared that particular qualifications and preparation are essential. But if the preacher appoints himself, how is this requirement to be enforced? The impulse to preach, of course, implies the subject’s conviction of his own fitness, and he “is judge in his own case.” There is no safeguard left.”*

*Robert L. Dabney, “Lay Preaching” in Discussions, 3 vols. (Harrisonburg, VA: Sprinkle Pub., 1982), 2:80-81.