Those silly scientists have done it again. Now it seems that prayer doesn't cure anything after all. In fact, it makes matters worse. Well, I guess that pretty much debunks Christianity once and for all.
I don't know . . . I have the feeling their methodology might have been off.

Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School and other scientists tested the effect of having three Christian groups pray for particular patients, starting the night before surgery and continuing for two weeks. The volunteers prayed for "a successful surgery with a quick, healthy recovery and no complications" for specific patients, for whom they were given the first name and first initial of the last name. . . .

The study looked for any complications within 30 days of the surgery. Results showed no effect of prayer on complication-free recovery. But 59 percent of the patients who knew they were being prayed for developed a complication, versus 52 percent of those who were told it was just a possibility.

This is really unfortunate news, and just when my faith starting to look up, too. So what I am supposed to do now that God isn't listening to my prayers?