“When fundamentalism lost her power to worship, she invented religious clap-trap to make her happy. That is why I have hated it and preached against it and condemned it all down these years. . . . Ventriloquists with wooden dummies on their knee and wood on top of their necks, worshipping God supposedly. Worshipping God, and claiming to serve the Lord. The only joy they have is the joy that is of the flesh. Elvis Presley’s a happier man after he gets through with a number than a lot of Christians are after they’ve worked themselves up for a half-an-hour. You don’t have to do it, brother. The well of the Holy Ghost is an effervesiant artesian well, you don’t have to prime the pump.”

A. W. Tozer, from the sermon, “He is Lord, Worship Him” in the Worship Series (click on “Tozer Audio Sermons” on the top right of the page, and then the drop down box titled “series,” select “Worship Series”).