I heard Al Mohler say,

"A very important issue . . . is What persons expect when they come into a church service. And a generation raised to believe that everything in the culture is there for their entertainment has a hard time understand that worship is about praising and glorifying a transcendent and holy God, and the fact that they are not there as recipients of cultural commodities and entertainment, but that they are actually there as participants in worship. Therefore the question is not 'What do I get out of it?', but 'How do I give myself to my Creator?'"*

I think Mohler is on to something, but I also wonder how easy it is to "escape" from the mindset of "entertainment" and "consumerism." If we are immersed in entertainment all the rest of the time, will it not be extremely difficult to view church differently? You can't marinate a piece of beef for six days and decide on the seventh that you suddenly want a different flavor.

*Albert Mohler, Jr. in the 9Marks interview, "Naturalism with Phil Johnson."