If evolution is true, then you have no will.

I am not talking here about "Theistic Evolution" or any other theories that synthesize God and nature, but pure naturalistic evolutionism. If naturalistic evolution is true, you are not a person. You are simply a bunch of chemicals firing away inside your brain. You are merely a complex material chain reaction. This is nothing but fatalism. You are the result of necessary natural processes. It is a complex kind of fatalism, but fatalism nonetheless.

If evolution is true, then you only think you have a will. You make no decisions. All brain activity is a merely your complex physical apparatus following the natural cause and effect given to it. You have no control over your reactions, for you have no soul. There is no hope of breaking through. There is no hope of overcoming the physical mental processes. The billions of neurons in your brain are complex enough that you only "display intelligence." Some naturalists, of course, openly embrace this, and have developed theories such as "strong AI," which reduce the brain to nothing more than mere machine. Your reaction to an insult is no more "free" than your heart beating. Your delight in any thing is no more "conscious" than your continued breathing. The only difference between us and animals is a "more complex brain." All our cognitive actions are just material reactions to material reactions to material reactions. There is no way for you to stop these material processes. Any attempt that you have is an illusion.

This, of couse, provides a helpful modern solution to the problem of sin. Sin is not sin, but a disease or abnormality of the brain. And who has the authority to define "abnormality," anyway? The drunkard is not morally responsible, for he is merely acting out his predisposition. The individual who commits fornication merely has more of a disposition to "erotic" behavior. All "abnormalities" are merely "mental illness" at best. People who sin are persons who are fatally bound to respond in a certain way based on the physical or material make-up of their brain.

If there is no soul in man, no will or personality, then there is no moral culpability. Everything we perceive to be our will is just an illusion. Your laughter is forced. Your joy is coerced. Your sadness is not real. You have no power to determine anything. You are merely a complex matter bound to the fate of chemical and other material reactions.