I was listening to the third sermon in the A. W. Tozer series on 1 Peter, and came across this passage, and thought I would post it. This is a good word from old Tozer, preached "way back" in 1953. It is indeed far too easy to become satisfied with our lives on earth, instead of earnestly longing for the age to come. Tozer argues that this is a mark that you are unregenerate. I suspect that he's right.

"Once more, I repeat that Christians are living too much in the present now. And the pleasurable anticipation of better things to come is almost died out of the church of Christ because now, "We don't need any tomorrows, Heaven, we're too well situated now. We don't need to hope, we have it now." That's the emphasis in our day, and I think it is a wretched emphasis. . . . But the true Christian is one who's kind of sick of this world. If I find anybody who is settled down too snugly into this world, I'm made to doubt his spiritual regenesis–whether he's ever truly been born again. He can live here and work here and serve here. But if I find he fits down into the world like a hand into an old and familiar glove, I worry a little bit about the man. Because all the Christians I meet who are amounting to anything are Christians that are very much out of key with their age–very, very much out of tune with their generation. Jesus called it a 'wicked and adulterous generation,' and that generation has not improved any–we're still the same wicked and adulterous generation that were in the days of Jesus. And if you can live in it too comfortably I am being made to wonder if the miracle has ever been wrought in your life or not. . . . The Christian has a homeland, and the fact that we're not anticipating it or looking forward to it with any pleasure is a serious mark that something is wrong with us."

At one point in the sermon Tozer starts in on the evangelistic/revival meetings going on in his city at the time. He offers the following rather scathing indictment of their methods:

"But the church of Christ is satisfied with the latest gospel peddler, the latest gospeller, that comes along, it's satisfied, because they have cow-bells and a hand-saw and a lot of other fine things. You can get them at the 8th Street Theater any night, by just writing in [for tickets]. . . . I know they're down there, with their cow-bells and banjos and hill-billy songs, and if that's what you want, go down there and get it! And if the gospel proclamation has to bring that in order to get a crowd, then . . . they can preach to empty seats!"