DaVinciBook.jpgI am probably going to look like I have been playing you all for fools, setting you up with two of Kevin Bauder's three sermons on The Da Vinci Code, only to pull the rug out from under your feet at the last moment. This is only partially true. All joking aside, I am not able to provide an MP3 of the third sermon for download.

If you go to the Fourth Baptist Church website, and click on "Last Sunday's Evening Service," a brief comment on the lack is provided there as well. Since Fourth was my source for the first two MP3's, I have nothing to offer by way of the third.

I would commend to those of you who are interested in Dr. Bauder's series to purchase the CD set or MP3 CD (with power-point) or booklet for yourself. This purchase will (I believe) aid the ministry of Central Baptist Seminary, a worthy recipient of your donations.