I recently heard this in a sermon by John Piper:

I don't think there is such a thing as purely intellectual worship. Right thoughts about God without the engagement of the heart is not worship. The Devil has better thoughts than you do about God; he just hates them, and they are not worship. He's more orthodox, and his understanding of God is better than [anyone's], and it is not worship. Therefore all the right doctrine in the world does not constitute worship.

Neither does feeling constitute worship alone. It is spirit and truth. Spirit or heart or affections that are carried by truth. Which is why I believe in preaching. I'm a preacher, and my job Sunday after Sunday is to lay truth–a banquet table of truth before people–that will engage their hearts and free them and move them on toward true worship, which is not just understanding, but to feel affections for God that follow from the truth.

I think I heard this in the second sermon delivered at the Wycliffe Missionary Conference.