Though I suspect a slight slant in Mr Spencer, I found his articulation of the distinction between the Baptist and Campbellites interesting:

"There was the widest conceivable difference in the spirit and temper of the two parties. The Baptists were like Moses when he looked upon Aaron's golden calf; the Campbellites exhibited the spirit of those who danced around it. The former were overwhelmed with sorrow and mortification, the latter were buoyant, hopeful and enthusiastic. The Baptists wept, prayed and confessed their sins, in the saddest perplexity, were perhaps, too often indignant against the ridiculer of their doctrines and their worship, and longed for peace on any terms that would not compromise their conscience, or their honor. The Campbellites boasted of their superior intelligence and piety, looked forward as to certain and speedy victory, and moved onward as with a show and flourish of trumpets, proclaiming everywhere their successes and triumphs."

J. H. Spencer, The History of the Kentucky Baptists from 1769 to 1885, vol. 1 (Cincinnati: J. R. Baumes, 1885), 618.