After seeing the rush of pictures proving that the former fundamentalist Chris Anderson of Ohio actually was attending the "Together for the Gospel Conference," and apparently enjoying it, we have composed a short poem in honor of the occasion.

First, though, we shall provide the hard evidence.

Here is Pastor Chris Anderson (former fundamentalist) praying at the conference. We believe that he is praying that the tribe of the NEOEVANGELICALS increase:


Here is one where he is deep in thought:


We know that in the picture above by the look on Chris Anderson's formerly fundamentalistic face that he is not thinking about the fundamentals of the faith. Instead, he is plainly thinking about how much he wants to be a NEOEVANGELICAL. Further proof of his deep lust for the NEOEVANGELICISTICAL movement is seen in the following picture where he is copiously taking notes of NEOEVANGELICAL ideas to incorporate into his ministry.


Also, it appears he had a role much bigger than mere observer:


Finally, our forensics lab has determined that, yes, this is Chris Anderson the former fundamentalist's watch:

Picture 4.png

And now, for the limerick.


A limerick on the topic of Chris Anderson becoming a NEOEVANGELICAL

Young Chris claimed he was staunchly sep'ratist.
And thereby to be fundamentalist.
But now that he's exposed
His deep love for "NEOs"
He's not SOLID nor allowed in our midst.