“To Avert from Men God’s Wrath,” which was written by John Hus, is set to PETRA in the Moravian Hymnal.

To avert from men God’s wrath,
Jesus suffered in our stead;
By an ignominious death
He a full atonement made;
And by His most precious blood
Brought us, sinners, nigh to God.

Hither each afflicted soul
May repair, though filled with grief;
To the sick, not to the whole,
The Physician brings relief;
Fear not, therefore, but drawn nigh;
Christ will all your wants supply.

But examine first your case,
Whether you be in the faith;
Do you long for pard’ning grace?
Is your only hope His death?
Then, howe’er your soul’s oppressed,
Come, you are a worthy guest.

He who Jesus’ mercy knows
Is from wrath and envy freed.
Love unto each other shows
That we are His flock indeed;
Thus we may in all our ways
Show forth our Redeemer’s praise.