Columba, 6th century missionary to Scotland, wrote this hymn._icon_of_st_columba_of_iona.jpg

O God, thou art the Father
Of all that have believed,
From whom all hosts of angels
Have life and power received.
O God, thou art the Maker
Of all created things,
The righteous Judge of judges,
The almighty King of kings.

High in the heavenly Zion
Thou reignest God adored,
And in the coming glory
Thou shalt be sovereign Lord.
Beyond our ken thou shinest,
The everlasting light:
Ineffable in loving,
Unthinkable in might.

Thou to the meek and lowly
Thy secrets dost unfold;
O God, thou doest all things,
All things both new and old.
I walk secure and blessed
In every clime or coast,
In name of God the Father,
And Son, and Holy Ghost.