463088_pope_benedict_xvi_.jpgPlaybill Arts reports that Pope Benedict XVI has called to an end of modern worship.

Pope Benedict XVI has called for an end to popular music in churches, suggesting that traditional chant and sacred polyphony are the suitable accompaniment to worship.

I must say, though, that if you brought plainsong back, I would not protest0135666000.jpg john_f_macarthur_jr.jpgmuch at all. Maybe we could get fundamentalism’s pope (it’s Stephen Jones now, I think) to make a similar decree (of course, we actually need to get “Young fundamentalists” behind this idea more than anybody else, so we should have one their popes, somebody like John MacArthur or Mark Dever or John Piper, say it instead).

Then the Pope made this statement, showing that he obviously reads Scott Aniol:

It is possible to modernise holy music, but it should not happen outside the traditional path of Gregorian chants or sacred polyphonic choral music.

HT: Fr. B.