I listen to quite a bit of audio, and am particularly fond of listening to good books and lectures. For someone like me, who finds a great deal more enjoyment in the things of the past than the things in the present, the paucity of older Christian writings and sermons available in audio format is a bit frustrating.

Audio recordings of writings and sermons by John Calvin and Jonathan Edwards, even John Chrysostom, Augustine, Charles Spurgeon, and John Wesley, are hard to find (at least for me). You can dig up some stuff here and there, maybe on sermonaudio or ccel, but sometimes the audio for some reason or another is hard to follow.

This is why I have decided to begin the Classic Christian Writers Podcast. I am not trying to create the silver bullet here, and I am certainly no Bob Edwards in the realm of of speaking voice quality, depth, and resonance (I’m a tenor!), but I feel like I can make a small contribution here. The readings are not intended to be “dramatic re-enactments”, but I try to read them like a human would nonetheless.

I am just beginning, so you may notice some changes between the early episodes. I would moreover like to warn everyone that I do not have a sound-proof audio studio here in my home (and three young children!). Still, I welcome (can I say covet?) your feedback. I hope to improve these, and some of the people who have listened to early episodes have already provided invaluable aid towards that end. Thank you, those of you who have helped me get my act in line. I am also very grateful to johann-sebastian-bach.org, which has given me permission to use their bach organ mp3’s with the podcast.

Here are some links and things related to the podcast:

If you’re too lazy to go to the podomatic site above, you can download them here:

I have one final note; I am somewhat interested in the possibility of a few individuals helping me “carry the load” of this podcast. If you are interested in sitting in front of a recording device and reading some of this stuff, let’s talk. Send me an email at ryanjaredmartin@gmail.com.

Again, I truly hope this little contribution is means of edification and greater understanding of our Christian heritage. If you would like to provide feedback or suggestions, add your comment below, at the podomatic site, or by way of email.