Are you free in Christ to have internet access? Yes. But Albert N. Martin, in his sermon “A Fresh Look at Christian Liberty #21” (!) offers these sobering words of warning concerning whether or not every Christian should have internet access:

Internet access. It is drawing down into a vortex of bondage into sensuality and all forms of wickedness men and women by the millions. And there some of you sitting here who know it is a source of temptation for you that hitherto you have not been to overcome with any degree of consistency. It is a source of constant pull that is distracting to you, just the fact that you know are a few clicks away from that which is unclean and that which is dishonoring to God, or a few clicks away from wasting time in the pursuit of something that for some reason or other is a personal interest to you and the fact that you know you can have almost limitless access to information about it, you waste precious time! My friend, get rid of it! Stop coming back in your devotions and whining and saying, “O, Lord, I fell again; O, Lord, I fell again; O, Lord, forgive me!” Stop the nonsense! In God’s name, stop it! Rear back on your hind legs and say, “I’m so free in Christ, I can get rid of it; that’s how free I am. I have no moral duty to have access to it.” Some of you have a moral duty; it’s your job, and you must have access to it. Therefore, you can trust God to give you grace and if you can’t, you need to change your job. Change it! My friend, getting to heaven in the way of holiness is not optional. The job you got may be.

You may have full liberty in Christ. I think of some of you young people, you are absolute fools. You sit down with unstructured time, unmonitored access to the internet. You’re fools! “But I’m free to do it.” Yeah, you’re free to destroy yourself, bloody your conscience, ensnare yourself in some of the most vicious, crippling bondage known to man!

Now am I saying that if you have access to the internet I’m judging you? No. God knows I’m not. But I’m asking you to judge yourself, and judge yourself honestly. Be honest! How many weeks, how many months, has it been that you’ve been able to walk away from your computer with a clean conscience? Get honest! Stop playing head games! Get honest.