I hope to get another podcast up before this time tomorrow, but until then, I wanted to spend a post pointing out the fact that I have updated my “Booksale” page, and hope that you’ll take a look. I try to keep my prices fair and low; the shipping will always be set at cost. These are usually books that I have duplicates for.

I hope many are able to take advantage of my collection of links on the sidebar. If you ever have a link that you think I would be interested in, please pass it along at ryanjaredmartin@gmail.com.

Finally, let me highlight the fact that the Brilliant Classics complete Bach edition is right now being sold for a slim $140.00 ($125 at Amazon.com), and that’s a pretty good deal for 155 CDs of Bach’s complete works, including a new recording of the complete cantatas. Think of this as an investment in your children. If you want to buy me a copy, I will not complain. The cantata recordings are done by Leusink, and you can sample a low-quality stream of these recordings at bach-cantatas.com. You can read a review here. This set includes it all: the complete organ works, the complete chamber works, the passions (with Emma Kirkby!), the keyboard works–the entire Bach catalog.