This text was written by Erdmuth Dorothea von Zinzendorf (1700-1756) and translated by William Delamotte (1718-1743). Since the meter of this verse is CMD, any number of tunes would work (such as FOREST GREEN, KINGSFOLD, or OLD 107TH).

I have sung it to ELLACOMBE and the Moravian Hymnal uses LINDSEY HOUSE. I wonder if any of my readers (all four or five of you) could suggest a tune that you believe fits this text particularly well.

Arise, O Lord, exalt Thy grace,
Thy precious Gospel spread,
That for the travail of Thy soul
Thou mayst behold Thy seed.
O may Thy knowledge fill the earth;
Increase the number still
Of those who in Thy word believe
And do Thy holy will.

Lord, by Thy Spirit us prepare
To follow Thy command,
To execute Thine utmost aim,
And in Thy presence stand,
As servants willing to be used,
Who in Thy work delight
And offer freely praise and prayer
As incense day and night.

Hereto we gladly say, Amen;
We have this truth avowed,
That we in spirit, body, soul
Are bound to serve our God,
Who touched and drew, and wooed our hearts,
And conquered us by love;
To him we have engaged ourselves,
O may we faithful prove.