A collection of loose odds and ends . . .

Well, my fellow-Baptists and others in the Anabaptist tradition, the Lutherans have finally apologized for persecuting those who held some of our beliefs (particularly Mennonites) in the 16th century. I myself have been waiting nearly 30 years! Finally! (HT: Jim West)

Public Radio had a short little spot-light on Bach’s cantata no. 140 (Wachet auf!) on Saturday’s Composer’s Datebook program. Listen here.

Doug Wilson had a good post giving us a peek at his correspondence with an evolutionist. It appears to be part of a series, but I enjoyed reading this one.

The McLaughlin group is streaming their weekly half-hour public television broadcast on-line. You can even subscribe to it in iTunes. One more reason to keep your TV in the closet.

I really enjoyed skimming over this church’s statement on children in worship (HT: CB). Here is a foretaste:

The very idea of children’s church embodies the assumption that church is not suitable for children. Perhaps that assumption requires reexamination.”

Children’s church has become the realm of games, pep-talks, and other amusements. Churches engage in a futile attempt to keep up with a massive and well-funded entertainment industry in order to keep kids plugged in to Christianity. “

Keeping children in the regular worship service is an idea become radical in recent years.”

Finally, I also found an audio podcast version of Plato’s Republic to which you may subscribe.