Here’s more Tozer from the sermon I linked yesterday. The sermon is wonderful. There are not many better ways to spend forty minutes of your time than listening to this message.

Because we’re not worshippers, we’re wasting other peoples’ money tremendously, we’re marking time, we’re spinning our wheels with the axels up on wood-blocks, burning the gasoline, and making a noise and getting no place. Oh brother and sister, God calls us worship, and . . . I find this missing in the church of Jesus Christ our Lord in this day. . . .

We’re now second in entertainment to the theater. I’m going to tell you something . . . if I want to see a show, I know where I can see some good ones put on by top-flight geniuses who know what they’re doing. And if I want to see a show, I’ll duck right out and go down to [the theater] and I’ll see a show that’s straight right hot out of Hollywood or London, and by men and women who have devoted themselves to that thing and nevertheless artists in their field. I will not go to a church and see a bunch of ham-actors putting on a home-talent show. Yet that’s where we are in evangelical circles, we’ve got more shows in evangelical circles than they’ve got anywhere else. I’ll tell you, outside of politics, and there isn’t another field of activity that has more words and fewer deeds . . . than we have in evangelical churches today.

Now, it’s an awesome and beautiful this thing, this worship. I’d rather worship God—I’d rather worship God than any other thing I know of in all the wide world. I have hymn books piled up in my study, I wouldn’t know the truth to tell you how many hymn-books I have of all sorts. I can’t sing a lick, but that’s nobody’s business. God thinks I’m an opera star. And he listens as I sing to him old French hymns in translation, the old Latin hymns in translation, the old Greek hymns from the Eastern church, and of course the beautiful songs done in meter, as well as some of the simpler songs of Watts and Wesley and the rest. So I would rather worship God.

You say, “You worship God and do nothing else.” But nobody ever worshipped God and did nothing else. That’s the beautiful part about it. If you worship God, you’ll be an active person.