linked to this, but since it was always my intention to do so myself, I will still point to it. Todd Mitchell had a good sermon on the importance of training children.

The LA Times had a story about the Holy Monastery of St. Catherine, the longest continually operating monastery, and its effort to photograph some of its vast library of important ancient Christian manuscripts. HT: Mike Aquilina

I have three stories to highlight from NPR: one on the flexibility of the brain, one on the violin virtuosi Heifitz and Kreisler (with audio samples), and another on the NFL, the SuperBowl, and churches (churches who are coming strangely close to using the rhetoric of pious civil disobedience if they don’t get to Win the Lost by showing the Superbowl with their Projectors).

I finished my taxes. I have used for two years now and really like it. And it’s cheap. Federal is free, and only $15.something for both Federal and State filings.

Finally, I want to use these posts to highlight a couple of my sidebar links. Be sure to bookmark the complete texts of: