An old acquaintance of mine, Charles Gottschall, posted a diddy a while back called “My Jesus, I bought thee” critiquing the “Christian-bookstore.” Here’s an excerpt (though you really should read the whole thing):

My Jesus, I bought Thee, I know Thou art mine;
I got Thee last weekend for one ninety-nine.
I found Thee on clearance–one of Thine arms was gone,
But, Lord, what a blessing to buy Thee for a song!

Here’s a nice little piece by Daniel Wray on “Choosing a Church” (thanks, Chuck).

I stumbled across this church, who is building a 8.7 million dollar fitness center (for the community), and if you’re a family willing to join, it will only cost you $479.40 a year! I wonder how well that goes with the idea of church work presented in the New Testament.

Sidebar link highlight: Be sure to read Kevin Bauder’s helpful discussion on hymns.