by Paul Gerhardt (1607-1676)

If God Himself be for me, I may a host defy,
For when I pray, before me my foes confounded fly.
If Christ, my Head and Master, befriend me from above,
What foe or what disaster can drive me from his love?

I build on this foundation, that Jesus and His blood
Alone are my salvation, the true eternal good;
Without Him, all that pleases is valueless on earth:
The gifts I owe to Jesus alone my love are worth.

My Jesus is my Splendor, my Sun, my Light, alone;
Were he not my Defender, before God’s awful throne,
I never should find favor and mercy in His sight,
But be destroyed forever as darkness by the light.

He canceled my offenses, delivered me from death;
He is the Lord who cleanses my soul from sin through faith.
In him I can be cheerful, bold, and undaunted aye;
In Him I am not fearful of God’s great Judgment Day.

Naught, naught, can now condemn me nor set my hope aside;
Now hell no more can claim me its fury I deride.
No sentence e’er reproves me, no ill destroys my peace;
For Christ, my Saviour, loves me and shields me with His grace.

His Spirit in me dwelleth, and o’er my mind He reigns.
All sorrow He dispelleth, and soothes away all pains.
He crowns His work with blessing, and helpeth me to cry
“My Father!” without ceasing to Him Who dwells on high.

To mine His Spirit speaketh sweet words of soothing power,
How God to Him that seeketh for rest is always near;
And how He hath erected a city fair and new,
Where all that faith expected we evermore shall view.