Ben Witherington and Christopher Butler have both responded to the tomb “controversy” being propagated by noted antiquities scholararcheologisthistorian … Hollywood director James Cameron, though I am not sure much more of response is needed than simply, “It’s James Cameron. This “documentary” has been made to entertain Americans. This is not serious.” Nonetheless, I am actually glad to be have this opportunity to talk to non-believers about the resurrection. Pulpit Magazine also has a bunch of links about this whole thing. UPDATE: has a picture of the ossuary.

NPR had a story about KFC trying to get Pope Benedictine XVI to help them market their fish sandwhich. I am so glad I’m Reformed.

The audio’s a little choppy, but here is a link to the mp3 of Kevin Bauder preaching a good message on Hebrews 3 at First Baptist Church in Granite Falls. I love his introduction to the sermon.