[Notice: Some portions of this post should not be taken seriously.]

After seeing this Challies post showing that Doran’s book is being given away at this year’s Shepherd’s Conference (thanks for the tip, Greg Linscott), the following questions come to mind:


  • If John MacArthur’s Shepherd’s Conference is giving away Dave Doran’s book, is Dave Doran still a fundamentalist?
  • Why in the world is a NEOEVANGELICAL reading a fundamentalistic author anyway?
  • If Dave Doran’s book is being given away at a NEOEVANGELICAL conference, do I need to separate from Dave Doran now?
  • Even more perplexing, does this make John MacArthur a fundamentalistic person (I mean, he is part of the IFundamentalisticCA thing)?
  • Does this mean I can start buying MacArthur’s commentaries again?