After recently listening to the audio of a recently former fundamentalist try to defend, among other things, egalitarianism (or something like it), I found the topic of the most recent 9Marks interview to be a good opportunity for some “cleansing.”

One of the things that interests me is the relationship between the Gospel and the controversy over evangelical feminism and the ordination of women. Is this issue really that important? In the 9marks interview referenced above, Randy Stinson argues that complementarian relationships within the home mirror the gospel. Male headship is thereby “gospel-centered.” As Ephesians indicates that these roles picture Christ and the church, they are intrinsically linked to the gospel itself. Mark Dever follows up on this by explaining that the fall is in part . . .

. . . a Satanic attempt to undermine authority–to teach people made in God’s image that you cannot both be guided and lead–be under authority–and loved at the same time. It’s a very Satanic division. That’s why I think this issue is so near the Gospel; that’s why I think it is so important, because what you’re getting at here is the actual sort-of “DNA” of the Satanic revolt against God’s own authority. Because there is very deeply sympathetic nature in all of us–it’s called our fallen nature . . .–which we don’t want to be told “N0” and have that be a loving and appropriate from a duly constituted authority. We hate that. That is the opposite of what we desire by our very fallen natures. So when you touch this nature, I do think you are sort of touching the “main live wire” of the Satanic revolt against God.

So here are two more reasons why “evangelical feminism” and the blurring of gender distinctions and roles are against the Gospel itself. This is why I have no intention of ever feigning the pretense of Christian fellowship with such false teachers.