The following must be a joke. Well, SBL, I found it!

If works are listed by premodern author, the standard English spelling of the name should be used regardless of the spelling on the title page of the work being cited: Aristotle [sic] (not Aristote or Aristoteles), Sophocles (not Sophokles), Jerome (not Hieronymus), Augustine (not Augustinus or Augustin), etc. The standard English spellings may be found as headings in library catalogs. Where necessary fuller forms of names may be used: Eusebius of Caesarea, Athanasius of Alexandria, George of the Jungle, etc.*


*Patrick H. Alexander, John F. Kutsko, James D. Ernest, Shirley A. Decker-Lucke, and David L. Petersen, The SBL Handbook of Style: For Ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, and Early Christian Studies (Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson Publishers, 1999), 40.