Before I begin this, I would like to kindly point out that I have been linking to the Westminster bookstore for some time. I truly believe that they are a helpful resource for Christians, with very good prices and a broad and worthy selection. You should not buy anything from them unless you really need it. But, if you, like I, are a frequent buyer of books, you should consider looking there when you need to pick up a title.

For example, if you are looking to pick up an English Standard Version of the Bible, the best place I have found is the Westminster Bookstore. I have yet to find anyone with a better price. And they charge only $5.00 shipping per order (no matter how much you get!). They also have a superb selection of Banner of Truth titles, and many other important titles, all at very good prices.

In the interest of full disclosure here, I want to mention that they have just initiated a blog partners program with which I am involved (I do not get anything substantial for this), but I say nothing in this post disingenuously. As I said, I have been linking to them in the sidebar even when I was getting nothing out of the deal. Even so, if you do decide to purchase something from there, or even to shop around, I would greatly appreciate your going to the Westminster bookstore through my site.

How’s that for a post with conviction?