by Gerhard Tersteegen (1697-1769), translated by Frederick William Foster (1760-1835) and John Miller (1756-90), sung to ARNSBERG by Joachim Neander (1650-80)

God himself is present,
Let us now adore him,
And with awe appear before him!
God is in his temple,
All within keep silence,
Prostrate lie with deepest reverence.
Him alone
God we own
Him, our God and Saviour;
Praise his Name forever.

God himself is present,
Hear the harps resounding;
See the crowds the throne surrounding!
‘Holy, Holy, Holy,’
Hear the hymn ascending,
Angels, saints, their voices blending!
Bow thine ear
To us here:
Hear, O Christ, the praises
That thy Church now raises.

O thou Fount of blessing,
Purify my spirit,
Trusting only in thy merit;
Like the holy angels
Who behold thy glory,
May I ceaselessly adore thee.
Let thy will
Ever still
Rule thy Church terrestrial,
As the hosts celestial. Amen.