Bert Perry highlights an article that details the findings of children in day care.

Did you see this? S. M. Hutchens at Touchstone writes of some of the guidelines he as pastor implemented for weddings:

The wedding ceremony had to take place in the church building, the couple could not write their own vows, but had to repeat the traditional ones (“obey” included–none of the modernism of the 1928 Prayer Book, thank you). Once the rehearsal had begun, things were set—no “suggestions” would be entertained after that point from the bride, family members, or wedding consultants. Any member of the wedding party who showed signs of inebriation would be immediately ejected from the rehearsal or the service.  No photographs were to be taken during the ceremony, which was a service of Christian worship. Nothing unreasonable, nothing outside tradition, nothing that didn’t need mentioning in that time and place.  But it didn’t sell too well.

Here’s a real gold mine: the Matenadaran in Erevan, the capitol of Armenia, has now made available on-line over 1,000 illuminations and other artifacts it houses. (News story|HT:Mike Aquilina).

Also of interest is Hendrickson’s new Patristic Greek Reader (HT:Mike Aquilina)