Though NPR intended this to be yet another pity piece, I took this to be a good reminder of the dangers of debt for ministers. How prudent is it for pastors to amass large sums of debt in obtaining their degrees? And should we assume it to be the government’s responsibility to subsidize in any way the money pastors’ and religious teachers spend on their education?

Corrigenda Denuo has a good selection of JE quotes on the Trinity. This one in particular was good:

There has been much cry of late against saying one word, particularly about the Trinity, but what the Scripture has said; judging it impossible but that if we did, we should err in a thing so much above us. But if they call that which necessarily results from the putting [together] of reason and Scripture, though it has not been said in Scripture in express words—I say, if they call this what is not said in the Scripture, I am not afraid to say twenty things about the Trinity which the Scripture never said. (Works, 13, p. 256-57; Misc. no. 94).

Here’s another reason is a great site for Biblical research.