Podcast recommendation: The “NACOcast” podcast with Christopher Millard (RSS) is worth subscribing to. It’s somewhat long, but very insightful. I had never made the connection between Bernstein’s West Side Story and the Emporer concerto.

The Migne edition of the church fathers is a renowned older version of the church fathers in the languages. Because of age, many of the volumes are in the public domain and can be found on-line. You can find a nicely ordered index to the texts of Migne’s Patrologia Graeca, and, if Latin fathers better suit your interest, you can find a helpful index of them as well. (HT: Aquilina)

Speaking of great resources for study of texts in the original languages, several weeks ago W. Hall Harris pointed out that the German Bibel Society has now made their texts of the Holy Scriptures available on-line. And Tzvee Zahavy recently posted some of his course materials for studying ancient Hebrew.

Thank you, First Baptist Church of Granite Falls, for your gracious hospitality this weekend!