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I am happy to count myself among those who still reap great fruit from the ministry of the Baptist pastor and theologian John Gill. And I was happy to find that in this respect I have a kindred spirit, at least to some degree, in Jonathan Edwards.

From Freedom of the Will, Part 4, Section 6 (p 374 in Yale’s Works):

I might also take notice of its having been observed, that the Arminians agree with Mr. Hobbes in many more things than the Calvinists.

To the words “Mr. Hobbes” in the above quote, Edwards adds a note referencing Gill’s The Cause of God and Truth, Being a Confutation of the Arguments from Reason Used by the Arminians; and Paricularly by Dr. Whitby, in His Discourse on the Five Points.

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The Works of President Edwards With a Memoir of His Life By Jonathan Edwards, Sereno Edwards Dwight