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If you are interested in Jonathan Edwards, Google Books is your friend (I invite you to visit my own google books library, or even subscribe to it via RSS).

First, you can find all ten volumes of Sereno Dwight’s Works of President Edwards, the third attempt ( after Williams and Parsons in 1806 and Austin in 1808 ) to compile his major works:

Other public domain collections of Edwards’s works are also “published’ on Google Books (the Yale Works are not available in any way through Google Books):

In addition to this, several works important to Edwards himself and his times, that were either influential on Edwards or works to which he responded, are available.

Older studies about or related to Jonathan Edwards, now in the public domain, are also available for full view in Google Books.

A number of important books about Jonathan Edwards are also offered through Google’s “Limited Preview” option*, including:

*If you wanted the four volume “Worcester” edition of Edwards’s works (first edited by Austin in 1808 as 8 vols), they are available, but only (at least from my searching) at archive.org. This edition has a scripture index.


*Google should not be used as a substitute for your careful reading and study of these materials in their complete form.