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My church, Bible Baptist Church of Elk River, Minn., recently completed its Bible Conference. This year’s speaker was the respected patristic scholar and Baptist pastor Paul Hartog. (Info on last year’s conference here.) The church’s website has now posted his four sessions:

  1. Citizens of Heaven: Conduct and the GospelMP3
  2. Citizens of Heaven: Harmony and DestinyMP3
  3. Strangers on Earth: Fortifying VirtuesMP3
  4. Strangers on Earth: Shining TestimoniesMP3

Our church also recently hosted the Romanian born pastor Beniamin Costea, who heads up the seminary in Romania connected with Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He preached on loving Christ in the midst of persecution (MP3), something he and his fellow-countrymen relatively recently endured under Soviet communism.