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With my friends who are pastors, I usually subscribe to their podcast, but only listen from time to time. On the way to and back from church a few nights ago, we listened to a sermon by my friend Todd Mitchell. God was good in his providence to lead me to it. I want to commend it to you. This is a very good message, with clear examples and sound reason. First Baptist Church of Granite Falls, Minn. has made it available for your reading or your hearing.

Here’s but a taste:

We must bend to the task of worshiping God with reverence and awe. The very reverence and awe that we have for God demands it. And the vineyard of reverence has been burned. It is time to dig down and find the root of reverence, cut away the burned and rotted wood, and cultivate a new vine, that it may bear fruit generations from now. This will take time. This will take work.