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In his sermon on Titus 2:6-8, “Temptations Peculiar to Young Men,”(MP3*) A. W. Tozer notices that young men, “more than others,” are tempted to “self-indulgence.” This self-indulgence, Tozer adds, “manifests itself in three directions. It manifests itself in sex, food, and pleasures. Pleasure of body, mind, and soul.” He continues, beginning his admonition on these three manifestations of self-indulgence:

I’m going to deliberately pass over the first [sex] for the reason that some of you want me to discuss it. And all I would do, if I did discuss it at any length, would be to embarrass the tender-minded and feed the suggestions of the carnal-minded, and I don’t want to do either. I only want to remind you that God made you and built sex into your disposition, and self-indulgence is going to harm, and do terrific harm.

I have only heard Mark Driscoll speak once, and have not ever listened to Mark Driscoll talk about the conjugal relationship. Frankly, I have no real interest in hearing his comments. But I am vaguely aware of his approach to these matters based on a New York Times article and a vague awareness of John MacArthur’s rebuke of Driscoll’s exploitation of certain passages of Scripture (see MacArthur’s blog posts 1 2 3 & 4).

As I listened to Tozer, I was struck by the disparity of the approach of this old faithful preacher and this new controversial one.


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