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I am, I assure you, quite averse to using this blog regularly to promote WTSbooks.com specials. Any perceived uptick in advertising should not be taken as an indicator of future postings. (I promise not to make a habit of it.) In full disclosure, it does benefit me whene’er you click on the links I provide on posts such as these. It seems strange and mysterious that the mere click of a mouse could actually benefit me (e’en in so small a way) and my library, but so it is. So anytime you click and take a look at the offerings, it is much appreciated (at least by me).

On to the matter at hand. Some of my readers may be interested to know that two new books by Bryan Chapell are currently on sale at wtsbooks.com:

  • Christ-Centered Worship (the table of contents indicates that this volume may actually be somewhat helpful), and
  • a commentary (in the Reformed Expository Commentary series) on Ephesians.

Both are $9.99.

UPDATE: These offers end Saturday, Aug 24th at 4 PM EST.