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From the press release, just published Tuesday, November 16th:

At its November meeting, the board of Central Baptist Theological Seminary created the new position of Research Professor of Systematic Theology. Kevin T. Bauder, the seminary’s president for the past seven years, has been appointed to the post and will commence his new duties in July of 2011. The purpose of the new position is to enable a trained theologian to focus on research and writing.

The new research professor will teach a reduced class schedule and will be entirely liberated from administrative responsibilities.

From what I understand (this is worth quite little), Dr. Bauder will be teaching all the core theology courses.

This is the “demotion” that many of who enjoyed Kevin’s teaching at CBTS have been waiting for. While I am sure that the seminary will miss his administration, Kevin has a special gift for teaching and writing, and I am thrilled that the seminary has taken this step.

I still believe that Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis, Minn., is the best place for theological education and pastoral training in fundamentalism. This move will make it only stronger.