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More from Jonathan Edwards’s Charity and Its Fruits:

It appears that divine love implies humility because when God is truly loved he is loved as an infinite superior.

True love to God is not love to him as an equal; for everyone who truly loves God loves him as God, that is, as a Being infinitely superior in greatness and excellence; it is love to a superior Lord, and absolute sovereign. (Yale-Works 8:245)

Love for God is a humble love. In fact, for Edwards, true humility itself (i.e., true Christian humility) requires that the individual recognize his own “meanness” in relation to God. No one can be truly humble who does not understand how low he is before the great and glorious God. This meanness is not merely a moral meanness, but, as Edwards points out, man in himself, unfallen, is very low compared to our Creator God, our “infinite superior,” in whom we live, move, and have our being.

You can read the whole sermon on humility (no. 6 of the Charity series) here.