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You can now preorder at Amazon Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism, set to be released in less than three weeks.

Edited by Andy Naselli and Collin Hansen, Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism presents four different takes on biblically and historically faithful evangelicalism. Roger Olson, the contributor who represents “postconservative evangelicalism,” has already blogged with his take on the book. Kevin Bauder of Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis has a chapter arguing for fundamentalism. Al Mohler defends something called “Confessional Evangelicalism.” John Stackhouse gets the unenviable job of defending “generic evangelicalism.”

Congratulations to both Andy Naselli and Kevin Bauder.

Preorder it at Amazon now (with a price under $12 at the time this post is published).

Westminster Bookstore will also be carrying it soon.

UPDATE (9/6/2011 afternoon): Al Mohler also commented on this book’s release today on his blog.