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The Scripture’s call to worship for this coming Lord’s Day service tells us that the Lord “remembered us in our low estate.” Indeed, as we who are part of the body of Christ know, it was when we were ruined in sin that Christ died for us. Our estate does not get lower than that. The Psalmist calls all those who have received this extraordinary love by faith to “give thanks to the God of heaven.” That, by God’s grace, is what we will do when we gather together this Sunday.

The day will begin with our prayer service, where Luke Streblow will instruct us in the Word of God. We’ll begin the prayer service returning to the hymn, “Thou Hidden Love of God Whose Height.”

The sermon this Sunday remembers this love of God, as we return to the Scripture’s call to “Unresentful Love” in 1 Cor 13:5 and finish the sermon I left incomplete last Lord’s Day. Here is the order of service:

Worship Service

Call to Worship: Psalm 136:23-26

Hymn 301 [Red] Father, Most Holy

Congregational Reading: Psalm 136:2-9

Doxology: Diademata, Red 293

Hymn [Insert] The Solid Rock

Hymn 288 [Red] All Creatures of Our God and King



Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 24 & 1 John 5:1-12

Hymn 158 [Red] Before Thee Let My Cry Come Near This hymn is admittedly new to me, but I know many of you had learned to love it before my ministry here began. It is a good hymn–indeed, it comes right from Scripture! This hymn is a paraphrase of Psalm 119:169-176, and so it is especially fitting for us to sing it together directly before the message. The Psalmist’s cry in Psalm 119 speaks directly to what we hope God will do through the preaching of the Word: “O let thy ordinances help; My soul shall live and praise Thee yet.” These words from “verse 4,” lifted from 175, show how a sermon is an act of worship, for as God graciously teaches us his Word through preaching, we are able to praise him. As the Spirit works in God’s people through the ministry of the Word, our souls are drawn up to magnify God in truth and love. We are dead spiritually without the Word of God. It is there, in the proclamation of God’s revelation, that we find life, and from that life we praise Him who is the true God through Christ. 

Sermon: Unresentful Love, Part 2 from 1 Corinthians 13:5

Hymn 291 [Red] All Glory Be to God on High



In Sunday School, I will return to Job 32-37 and the siloquy of the young man Elihu.