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We are people who have received God’s free grace in Christ. By his grace, we enjoy the riches of being united to our Lord Jesus Christ, and the many blessings that flow from this union, including justification, sanctification, adoption as sons, the Holy Spirit, and the hope of eternal life. This grace has transformed us who were ruined sinners, alienated from God, into sons of God who are loved and forgiven and reconciled. From this basis we enter in as one body in Christ to worship the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

This Lord’s Day, I will be preaching at Calvary Baptist Church in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. In my place some of the capable men of this congregation will be ministering to you.

Dale Streblow will be leading the prayer service.

In the morning worship service, Eric White will be preaching on the Presence of God. In preparation, the introduction he wrote for the bulletin will be most helpful: “The New Testament places a great amount of emphasis on spiritual maturity, of growing in faith in Jesus Christ, of no longer being children. This emphasis is a good emphasis, and strong church will actively strive to bring about maturity in the life of its members. Maturity, as a category, however, can be difficult at times to discern. What does a mature believer look like that we might know what our goal is. Of course, in this regard Jesus Christ is our ultimate example. Moreover, the Bible gives us many clues and characterizes, and at times lists, that help us to understand what marks a mature believer from an immature believer—what is it that we believers should be striving for. One of the marks of a mature believer is his or her response to the presence of God. In today’s message, we shall look at four ways that believers might respond to the presence of God, while focusing our attention on the way that distinguishes us as mature. The way a mature believer responds to the presence of God is by desiring God’s Presence in his life.”

The worship service takes some cues from Psalm 14, one of the passages Mr. White will be referencing in his sermon, as well as the theme of God’s presence.

Call to Worship: Psalm 147:1-2

Hymn 322 [Red] Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Congregational Reading: Psalm 147:12-20

Doxology: Gloria Patri, Red 436

Hymn 35 [Red] The King of Love My Shepherd Is

Hymn 285 [Red] We Gather Together



Scripture Reading: Job 2 & 2 Corinthians 7:2-16

Hymn [Insert] Lo, God is Here! Let Us Adore This hymn by Gerhard Tersteegen and translated by John Wesley speaks of God’s presence in the living church, both gathered and when dispersed throughout the week. The last verse speaks of the believer’s walk in the continued presence of God: “Being of beings, may our praise your courts with grateful fragrance fill; still may we stand before your face, still hear and do your sovereign will; to you may all our thoughts arise, ceaseless, accepted sacrifice.” The prayer in this stanza is that as the church worships the “Being of beings,” that they would “still stand before your face” upon departure. The worship should not cease when the body of Christ ends its weekly gathering. We “still hear and do [God’s] sovereign will.” With this, we offer a “ceaseless, accepted sacrifice.” We ought to all pursue this continual demeanor of devoted worship, even though our lives are filled with the necessities of the mundane.

Sermon: The Presence of God from Various Scripture

Hymn 92 [Red] O Lord, My God, Most Earnestly



In Sunday School, Eric White will be teaching on worldliness.