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“I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me” (Psa 13:6). Any man who knows his own sin and knows the grace of God in salvation through Jesus Christ will find this verse an apt testimony. He has dealt bountifully with us. We were lost and deserving judgment. Our sins had soiled all our aspirations and plans. We were alienated from God, desperate and without him. But God has dealt bountifully with us. He has interrupted our rebellion and broken into our sinful path with his new life and effectual calling. He washed us and adopted us, making us children of God. He justified us and sanctified us, gave us eternal hope and comfort through the Spirit of the resurrected Christ. We are the people who know this verse. Every one of us can say that God has dealt bountifully with us. What must be our response? Praise! “I will sing to the Lord,” King David says. This Lord’s Day we gather together to sing together to the Lord for the ways in which he has dealt bountifully with us, and it will be our privilege to do this while we remember the salvation that is ours through the death of Jesus Christ.

In the prayer service, Luke Streblow will be bringing a lesson from Scripture. We’ll begin by singing together Psalm 56 (Red 88).

The sermon is the same that was planned for last Lord’s Day before I suddenly became sick, so the same themes of that service are present this week as well. I will be preaching on the great grace of God to us. This subject is especially appropriate, for this week we’ll also be observing the Lord’s Supper. Considering God’s grace to us quickly turns to worship, for we say with the Apostle, “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.” As you prepare, remember not only that we are observing the Lord’s Supper, but consider how much you yourself stand in abject need of God’s free and sovereign grace.


Worship Service

Call to Worship: Psalm 13:6

Hymn [Insert] Glory Be to God the Father

Congregational Reading: Psalm 13

Doxology: Doxology, Red 437



Scripture Reading: Job 20 & Mark 5:1-20

Hymn 366 [Red] My Song is Love Unknown

Sermon: Amazing Grace from 1 Corinthians 15:9-11

Hymn 258 [Red] How Sweet and Awful Is the Place This beautiful hymn by Isaac Watts fits well with both the sovereign grace of God to us that is the subject of the sermon and the remember of Christ’s death at the Table. Before the Spirit enlightened our minds in the knowledge of Christ and the gospel powerfully came to us, we lived precariously in danger of eternal judgment. We were quickly heading for hell. But then God intervened with his electing grace. The fourth verse captures this theme: “’Twas the same love that spread the feast that sweetly drew us in; else we had still refused to taste, and perished in our sin.” But the last verse is especially appropriate in our service tomorrow: “We long to see thy churches full, that all the chosen race may with one voice and heart and soul sing thy redeeming grace.” So may we ever be a people singing of the bountiful redeeming grace of God to us.

The Lord’s Table

Hymn 286 [Red] And Can it Be that I Should Gain?



​In Sunday School ​, I will teach on Jonathan Edwards​’s teaching ​on prayer​.​